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Denver Officer Assaults Inmate In Front Of Judge For No Reason (Video)

A sheriff’s deputy in Denver, Colorado is attempting to appeal a decision to suspend him for 30 days after he randomly assaulted an inmate during a court appearance in 2012.

The unprovoked attack, which happened in September of 2012, was caught on the courtroom’s cameras. The court proceeding, known as a first advisement, took place so that the judge could explain to inmate Anthony Waller why he was being held and give him an outline of his legal schedule. It’s clear in the video that Waller, who was handcuffed and shackled by the surrounding officers prior to entering the courtroom, was respectfully listening to the judge’s comments for a brief period of time and wasn’t causing any issues.

As soon as the judge was finished speaking, Waller began to ask a question.

“Ah, yes, ma’am, I’d like to object first,” said Waller to Judge Doris Burd. “If I’m under investigation, I thought the investigation came first and then the arrest came.”

Just as Judge Burd started answering Waller’s question, Sheriff’s Deputy Brady Lovingier suddenly grabbed Waller by the chain around his waist and violently slammed him against a glass window. Waller fell to the ground as Lovingier screamed at him.

“Get on your feet,” Lovingier yelled. “Don’t turn on me. Get on your feet. Get on your feet.”

A year after the incident, Lovingier was finally disciplined by Denver’s safety department, but he was only given 30 days suspension for the attack that they deemed he had “no legitimate reason” to perpetrate.

“If he had killed me, would he have gotten 30 days?” said Waller to The Independent. “I was defenseless. I was addressing the judge, exercising my constitutional rights, and this is what I get? A savage beating?”

Lovingier says he used force against Waller to control him and stop him from being aggressive, but as anybody can see from the video, Waller was behaving normally. According to reports, Lovingier is planning to appeal his suspension next week.


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