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Denver Housing Authority Evicts Murder Victim's Family Three Days After Shooting (Video)

Sandra Roskilly (pictured) was killed on the front porch of her Denver home on Friday. The alleged murder suspect is Daniel Abeyta, who was armed with a rifle.

Abeyta allegedly shot another woman and tried to detonate a propane canister before he was shot and wounded by a police sniper. Abeyta has been charged with first-degree murder.

To make a tragic situation even worse, the Denver Housing Authority evicted the victim’s mother and autistic son on Monday, reports KUSA (video below).

Roskilly was the only one on the lease and died without a will, which legally transfers all of her personal belongings to a public administrator.

After kicking out the mom, Doris Kessler, and son, Denver Housing Authority officials changed the locks.

Roskilly's son is being kept in a facility in Pueblo, Colorado, while Kessler sleeps on a couch at the home of one of her other children.

“[My mom has] been living here 10 years and now they’re telling her she’s just a visitor and she has no rights whatsoever,” Roskilly’s brother Dennis Campbell told CBS News.

In addition to losing the home, everything inside it is gone, until a judge rules whether or not the family is entitled to Roskilly's belongings.

The Denver Housing Authority, which claims it was just following the law, has been condemned by Jerry Brown, a spokesman at the U.S. Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

“Our rules and guidelines are just that, and we would hope people would use compassion. They have discretion, which is why the city has a board to administer it. There was no notification on our end of an eviction, and we didn’t have a say in it," Brown told the Associated Press.

Sources: Associated Press, CBS News, KUSA


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