Denver The Dog Looks Guilty After Eating Christmas Ornaments (Video)


Denver the dog was an Internet star in 2011 when he ate some cat treats and got caught by his owner.

That video (below) featuring Denver's guilty facial expressions racked up 39 million views.

According to, a new video (below) featuring Denver was uploaded on Dec. 9. This time, the guilty canine is confronted by his owner while laying on the couch with a peculiar red color on his mouth.

Apparently, the pooch chewed on some red Christmas ornaments that the cat knocked on the floor.

“When are you going to stop getting into these things?" asks his owner, noted The Huffington Post.

Denver tries to bury his head in a pillow in shame, while a deaf Golden Retriever relaxes nearby.

“Look at you! Just because you can’t hear doesn’t mean anything," says the owner.

Sources:, The Huffington Post


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