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Denver Marijuana Dispensary Records Found in Dumpster

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By "Radical" Russ Belville

(KUSA 9 News) DENVER – It was the last thing Harold Morton expected to find while taking some recyclables out to the alley behind his home. When he walked past a Dumpster, he saw it in a cardboard box: a thick blue binder.

“I picked the book up and I opened it and right away. I noticed the top of each page; medical marijuana registry forms. The next thing I noticed is there is all these people’s personal information on each one of those sheets,” Morton said.

The forms were inside plastic sleeves and contained social security numbers and dates of birth, along with patient names, addresses and telephone numbers. The binder contained the personal and medical information of dozens of patients.

The forms were on letterhead identified as Apothecary of Colorado, a dispensary in Denver.

This is another one of those unintended consequences legislators didn’t account for when they amended Colorado’s medical marijuana laws with SB 1284.  The bill requires dispensaries to keep such records on their patients on the premises!

When will medical marijuana patients’ satisfaction with black market prices at dispensaries and the need to register with the state finally subside?  When will they realize that they’ve been so terrorized by prohibition that they’re accepting second-class citizen status instead of demanding the full legalization of cannabis for all, so we can all see realistic market-based pricing and sick folks treating their conditions in private without government surveillance?


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