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Denver Deputy Caught On Camera Slamming Inmate Against Wall In Court (Video)

A Denver sheriff’s deputy was given a 30-day suspension after he threw a shackled inmate into a wall in the middle of a court hearing.

In a court room video, inmate Anthony Waller appears before Judge Doris Burd during a hearing on domestic violence charges on Sept. 11, 2012. When Waller asked the judge a question, Deputy Brad Lovingier suddenly grabs him by the waist.

“The investigation should come first and then the arrest?” Waller asks.

Lovingier suddenly grabs Waller and slams him face first into a wall. Waller falls to his knees and is dragged out of the courtroom as Lonvingier tells him, “Get up. Get up. Get on your feet. You don’t turn your back on me.”

Waller is then put in a holding cell.

According to a disciplinary order, Lovingier said he used force on Waller because the inmate was being aggressive and not following orders.

The Denver District Attorney’s office declined to prosecute the deputy over the incident.

Judge Burd immediately filed an internal affairs compliant against Lovingier. The investigation took more than a year to complete. It found Lovingier violated several department regulations over the use of force, which Burd described as “heavy duty.”

He was given a 30-day suspension, which the 12-year veteran is now appealing. His hearing is set for Feb. 20.

Sources: KWGN, KDVR


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