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Denver Cop Jeremy Olive Subdues Crying Kid with Margaritas

Denver police officer Jeremy Olive is facing potential felony child abuse charges after witnesses, at the Fish City Restaurant, claim that they saw him feeding his child liquor last week, trying to subdue her on the patio.

A woman who witnessed the incident said that over the course of two hours she witnessed the little girl virtually ignored by the two people eating over her, one of them, Denver Police Officer Jeremy Olive. "(I) kind of noticed they weren't paying much attention to the little girl because she was eating off the ground.”

She claims Olive tried to subdue the child as her behavior worsened. "Dad picks up the little girl puts her on the lap and starts feeding her straws of margarita. The bartender came back and I was like I hate to make a fuss about it, but I don't think this is right for this little girl. She's like we totally agree but I guess he's a cop though."

The woman called Lone Tree Police, who arrested Olive, who was cited with a misdemeanor. Lone Tree police are investigating and turned the case over to the Arapahoe County District Attorney's Office.

The woman says she knows she did the right thing even knowing what Olive does for work "To be just sitting outside in an open bar and you're giving your kid margarita when clearly it's because their fussy. It was just sad.”


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