Denny's Uses NSA Controversy in New Social Media Ad


It only took a few days for a company to capitalize on the controversy surrounding NSA, as Denny's has released an ad playing on the scandal.

The 24/7 breakfast chain tweeted the gif on Monday. It features an old computer against a yellow background with text reading: "Denny's knows what you crave before you do."

The logo for the company fades in and out of the static on the computer screen.

While many have made jokes about the NSA on social media, this is the first company to include it in a marketing strategy.

Amber Gordon, 23, is the brains behind the ad. She is the community manager at creative agency Gotham Inc., and is in charge of Denny's social media. She thought it would be a funny way to connect with consumers who are up-to-date with the news.

"We didn't say NSA in the joke, but if you're up on the news, you know what it's about," she said. 

"When news is happening, we always try to do something - as long as it's in line with the brand. No other brands have tapped into [the NSA controversy] yet. It'd be awesome if they did so we're not the only ones."

Denny's, along with many other companies, are part of a growing trend to use social media for advertisements.

McDonald's used social media last month to salute Charles Ramsey, the man who helped three women escape from Ariel Castro's house.

"We salute the courage of Ohio kidnap victims and respect their privacy," they tweeted. "Way to go Charles Ramsey - we'll be in touch."

Sources: Daily Mail,Forbes


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