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Dennis Rodman Kicked Out of Hotel For Praising Kim Jong Un

Former NBA star Dennis Rodman just got back from visiting Kim Jong Un in North Korea. Apparently the trip made quite an impression on him. Rodman was kicked out of the Time Hotel in Midtown Manhattan on Sunday after spending hours loudly talking about what an amazing guy the North Korean dictator is.

“He was at the bar at Serafina for three hours,” a witness said. “He kept saying what a nice guy Kim is, and how Kim just wants to talk to President Obama about basketball. He was waving around a signed copy of the dictator’s huge manifesto, telling everyone they should read it.”

According to the NY Post, the witness continued: “Dennis was making a total jerk of himself. He wouldn’t leave, and he wouldn’t let anyone talk to him about shutting up, or what an oppressive country North Korea is. Eventually he had to leave the bar because the bartender was starting to get [bleep]ed-off.”

Rodman went on the trip as part of an HBO series being produced by VICE television. Members of the Harlem Globetrotters were also on the trip. Rodman is a regular at the hotel and some staff members are apparently fed up with his behavior.

“He’s always a problem,” an insider said. “He is loud and does weird stuff. Like, he’ll come down to the front desk in his bathrobe in the middle of the night and make demands that people have to run to the store for him. He’s belligerent about it. I thought he was just on TV getting sober?”

After leaving the Time, Rodman went to the Marriott Downtown. A rep explained the decision, saying: “He ended up going to the Marriott because he was leaving in the morning and we wanted him to be closer to the airport.” Another Rodman rep said, “The Time is Dennis’ favorite hotel . . . There were a lot of people taking pictures, his security just didn’t like it and asked to move him out of the hotel. There was certainly no incident.”

Source: (NY Post)


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