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Democrats: Health Care Vote Will Haunt Republicans

After House Republicans passed the American Health Care Act, Democrats warned it would backfire on them in the future.

"They have this vote tattooed on them," said House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, a California Democrat, according to HuffPost. "This is a scar they will carry."

Pelosi spoke at a weekly press briefing about the May 4 vote, adding that it was a "lose-lose situation" that would "provide a great civics lesson" to Americans watching their representatives who might not vote for their re-election.

"There's very little chance that this bill will be passed by the Senate," she explained. "They're making a very bad move."

Speaking on the House floor in an effort to stop the AHCA, also known as Trumpcare, from passing, Pelosi said "Republicans are afraid of the facts" because they did not first obtain a review from the Congressional Budget Office before putting the bill up for a vote, according to Business Insider.

"They couldn't pass their bill because it was that bad, [so] they moved further away from the American people by gutting key protections," Pelosi added. "Trumpcare eviscerates essential health benefits such as maternity care, prescription drugs, emergency coverage, prenatal care, and guts protections for Americans with pre-existing medical conditions."

She also called the legislation "Robin Hood in reverse" for reportedly saving money for rich people while cutting care for those with more modest incomes.

"As bad as Trumpcare was the first time around, you know, it was dead, it died, it died right here on the floor," Pelosi added. "Now it's come back to life like a zombie, even more scary than before. And it is even worse. If Republicans had their way, Americans with pre-existing conditions will be pushed off their insurance and segregated into high-risk pools where they will face soaring costs, worse coverage, and restricted care."

When GOP legislators reached and surpassed the required 216 votes to approve the AHCA, several House Democrats sang in unison, "Na, na, na, na, hey, hey, hey, goodbye," reports HuffPost. Many Democrats believe GOP House members who voted for the AHCA will lose their re-election bids in the 2018 midterm elections.

"Frankly, I thought that was beneath the dignity of the House to be singing a song with a political message," said Republican Rep. Tom MacArthur of New Jersey, who played a large role in crafting the original version of the AHCA. "This isn't about politics. This is about the American people having health care coverage. It's about making sure prices come down. And to try to make it a political joke on the floor is frankly beneath the dignity of the House of Representatives."

Sources: HuffPost (2), Business Insider / Photo Credit: Ramsey County Minnesota/Flickr

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