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Democratic Party Favorability Falls Under 39 Percent

New polling indicates that the Democratic Party's popularity has taken a hit following the 2016 presidential election.

Currently out of power in both the White House and Congress, the Democrats have inched close to their lowest favorability since 2012.

As of Mar. 9, the Huffpost Pollster found that only an average 38.9 percent of national adults were favorable towards the Democratic Party, while 49.7 were unfavorable based on the last five national polls released since Mar. 1, according to The Huffington Post.

The trend marks a downward slump for the party since the presidential election, when Donald Trump defeated former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. On Nov. 5, the Huffpost Pollster had found that an average 43.2 percent of national adults viewed the Democrats favorably, while 47.3 percent viewed them unfavorably.

Since former President Barack Obama won reelection in 2012, the peak period of the Democrats' unpopularity was in December 2013, when the Huffpost Pollster found that an average 39.3 percent of national adults viewed the party favorably and 52.6 percent viewed them unfavorably.

While few national adults dislike the party more now than they did in December 2013, the latest trend marks the first time since the Huffpost Pollster has been aggregating surveys that favorability towards the party has dipped below 39 percent.

On Feb. 28, a poll conducted by Rasmussen Reports found that 63 percent of registered voters believe the country will benefit if Democratic lawmakers collaborate with the Trump administration, while 29 percent believe it would be more beneficial if the Democrats opposes the president as much as possible.

An identical 63 percent of respondents believed that cooperation would benefit the Democratic Party, while 29 percent believe the party's path forward is complete opposition.

On Mar. 9, a CNN/ORC poll found that 69 percent of national adults want the Democrats to compromise with the new administration instead of obstruct. Seventy-two percent of respondents hoped to see Trump seek bipartisan compromise in Congress, CNN reports.

The poll also found a positive uptick for the Democrats, with 44 percent of respondents viewing the party favorably. In a previous survey conducted in late November by the same polling group, only 39 percent of respondents had viewed the Democratic Party favorably.

The survey also found that 42 percent of respondents viewed the Republican Party favorably. Meanwhile, 49 percent of respondents voiced frustration with both parties' approach to tackling the country's problems.

Sources: CNNThe Huffington Post, Rasmussen Reports / Photo Credit: Senate Democrats/Flickr

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