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Demo Crew Tears Down Wrong House After Pontiac, Mich. Man Switches Street Numbers

Police in Pontac, Mich., are investigating how a demolition crew tore down the wrong house there on Friday. They suspect the man who lives next door deliberately switched street numbers to save his own house from the wrecking crew.

But neighbors in the idyllic Oakland County neighborhood say, switch or no switch, they got the right house. The one that was demolished, the neighbors said, was an eyesore that had fallen into severe disrepair and was home to squatters.

"When I heard they tore down the house on accident I wanted to give them a twelve pack of beer," neighbor Fred Sargent told WXYZ-TV. "I was that happy."

Sargent said that the house that had been targeted for destruction was actually in much better shape. “He had just put a new roof on it,” Sargent described.

Unfortunately for the alleged number-switching neighbor, the demolition crew soon figure out its mistake an came back. They tore down his house, too.

A man identified only as “Mike” told WXYZ that he planned on renting out the house on October 1. The city, he believes, now owes him a new house.

But Sargent is skeptical of the rental plan.

"If anybody was going to rent that out, it had to be a crackhead," said the neighbor.



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