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Demi Moore Sued After Death In Her Pool

Actress Demi Moore is being sued over a death that occurred in her pool while she was away from her home in 2015.

Moore's caretaker had thrown a party for a small group of friends when a 21-year-old man who couldn't swim tripped into the 10-foot-deep pool, TMZ reports.

Most of the group went out for the evening, and returned to find him dead in the pool. While it's not clear if the man was drunk, there was alcohol at the party.

Since then, the man's parents have filed a lawsuit against Moore, arguing Moore did not keep the pool and surrounding areas safe.

They point out she lacked safety signs and depth markers, left hazardous rocks around the area, and kept the pool at a dangerous 101 degrees -- a temperature than can affect brain function.

Many on social media felt the lawsuit against Moore was unfounded.

"How many private residence mark their pool depths?" asked one person on TMZ's Facebook post about the lawsuit. "None im sure. He was 21, of age to drink. Maybe pool is too hot but it's a heated pool and they can set temp to whatever they want. The rocks? It's a rich person's backyard pool, how is tripping over them her fault? Terrible loss but they are looking for a payday."

"It's not a public pool or I'd understand the lack of depth markers being an issue," wrote a second person. "If anything, the caretaker that threw the party should be at fault. After all, no party no death."

"I get that they lost their son and that is a great loss," added another. "I also understand that when something senseless happens you want someone to be responsible...but your son in his owns some of the responsibility here and unfortunately accidents happen... right now just adding Demi to this lawsuit just seems like a money grab and truly hope that, that's not the case. I hope that they are just hurting and want answers."

A few thought suing Moore was fair.

"Sorry, but you are responsible for what happens at your home," shot back another. "My mom always drilled that into my head. I guess she didn't want me having parties at the house when they were out of town. Same applies .... doesn't matter how old he was. Homeowners insurance should cover the suit."

One reader thought Moore should sue the parents.

"Maybe Demi should sue his parents for not teaching their son how to swim in the first place and drowning in her pool," the commenter said. "Or at least teaching him to stay away from water, let alone be drunk around it."

Sources: TMZ, TMZ/Facebook / Photo credit: Visual Hunt

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