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Dem Lawmaker Sheila Jackson Lee Supports National Gun Registry

Democratic representative Sheila Jackson Lee joined protestors outside the National Rifle Association’s annual conference in Houston on Saturday and said she supports the creation of a national registry of firearms.

“Registering your guns, people think that’s something sinister. But it helps you [to protect] your guns when they’re stolen. It helps us find them for you, like registering your car,” Lee said to The Blaze.

“But at this point in time, it should be clear that the universal background check bill didn’t have anything in it about registration and I would have voted for that,” she added. “I believe in a hand of friendship and compromise.”

The Texas congresswoman dismissed the notion that anyone actually wants to repeal the Second Amendment.

“Who’s going to repeal the Second Amendment? No one,” she said. “We have a right to bear arms. I will say that in historical context, the militia was organized when we did not have a standing Army. So citizens needed to arm themselves.”

Sources: TheBlaze, Wikipedia


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