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Deluded New York Surgeon Promises Botox Treatment in Exchange for Perfect Wife

An unidentified New York surgeon decided to use his business connections recently in an effort to find the ideal wife, sending out an email with a reward of Botox treatment to anyone who could recommend a woman of his requirements.

The surgeon promised financial gifts beginning at $100 for a first date, or the equivalent in Botox treatment – the man touted himself as the best surgeon in that field in the Northeast.

The unidentified man went on to brag about his MBA from New York University and mass social media following.

Sensing the list of requirements and general email as a great opportunity for a story, marketing strategist and blogger Marc Ensign published the list to his own blog.

The ludicrous requests included someone who had spent at least a year in a city of 1 million people or more, a Type B personality, size 0-2, selfless and someone who possess a graduate degree or Ivy education.

His more flexible requirements included an experienced traveler and a lover of animals, especially dogs, which he plans to keep around for the rest of his life.

“I’m single, never married, and really want kids before I’m old,” the surgeon wrote, though he hast left none but himself wondering why.

Sources: The Huffington Post, Daily Mail


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