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Delta Pays Family $11K Not To Fly

Another airline is making news for asking people to leave a plane.

This time, the passengers were overjoyed to do so.

Delta Airlines paid Laura Begley Bloom and her family of three $11,000 not to fly.

The family planned to fly from New York to Florida for a vacation when bad weather forced Delta to cancel more than 3,000 flights, the Daily Mail reports.

As a result, many were asked to voluntarily to give up their seats on April 7. Bloom, her 4-year-old daughter, and husband, Jonathan, agreed to do so after waiting through a lengthy delay.

After some negotiation, the family members each received gift cards valued at $1,350 with a flight booked for the next day.

"Other frustrated passengers were yelling at the staff and crying over vexed travel plans," Bloom writes in a piece for Forbes. "Somehow, when an airline is offering you and your family $4,050, missing a flight doesn’t seem so bad."

But their good fortune did not end there.

The next day, Delta was still experiencing huge delays so the family again received $1,300 in gift cards each, with lunch and a taxi back home also covered.

Bloom writes that Delta "assured" the family they would be able to fly with the next day.

But once again, the next day, Delta struggled to find three seats for the family.

"The airline was still struggling to figure out the re-booking and get us three confirmed seats the next day," Bloom wrote. "We found out that standby passengers were being told that Delta flights to Florida were fully booked (in fact, overbooked) until Tuesday [April 11]."

The family had had enough.

"We were drained, and suddenly our long-weekend trip was looking far less appealing," said Bloom. "So when we suggested to the gate agent that we might be open to volunteering our seats again by cancelling the trip altogether, the offer was met with smiles."

In response, Delta gave the family $3,000 and refunded their original tickets.

"We accepted Delta's offer and went home, sad to miss our trip, but not so sad about the lucrative results," she added.

It certainly was financially worthwhile. Within three days, the family got $11,000 from Delta Airlines.

"I felt a bit guilty making so much money off the situation, but other passengers pointed out that we were freeing up seats for people who really needed to get somewhere," Bloom wrote. "Many passengers actually thanked us for doing this."

Sources: Daily Mail, Forbes / Photo credit: Laura Begley Bloom/Instagram

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