Delaware Teen Afraid Of Punishment For Skipping School Kills Father With A Crossbow


A 17-year-old Delaware teen reportedly killed his father with a crossbow because he had skipped school and was afraid his father would be angry.

Seth Ramsey allegedly knew that his father was aware of him skipping classes at Lake Forest High School in Harrington, Delaware, and had been anticipating that Todd Ramsey, 41, would be mad.

According to the Daily Mail, Todd had been in his room from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm. A police affidavit states that Seth that knew his father would confront him when he came out of his room, so when he did, the teen shot him with a crossbow.

Authorities became aware of the situation after being contacted by Todd’s co-workers in the HVAC shop at a local Air Force Base, who told police that Todd hadn’t shown up in several days. When police went to the Ramsey house to check in, they reportedly discovered Todd dead in a bedroom with “a wound to the upper torso,” according to 6 ABC. Seth subsequently admitted to an officer that he believed he had killed his father.

The investigation is ongoing, with some questions remaining unanswered.

“We still don’t know when it happened,” Master Cpl. Gary E. Fournier said. “No motive has been established."

Seth Ramsey is being held without bail at a juvenile detention facility.

Sources: The Daily Mail, 6 ABC News, / Photo Credit:


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