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Delaware State Police Shoot, Kill Dog That Appears To Run Away (Video)

Delaware State Police dressed in riot gear and armed with rifles entered Mark Reedy's home in Smyrna with a search warrant on Nov. 20, and fatally shot his dog that appeared to be running away. The incident was caught on video (below) by a security camera.

Right before the dog is shot, one of the officers yells what sounds like "Less lethal up," notes, and "dog loose."

Reedy, who was being served with the search warrant and a court order, wasn't home during the incident, but claims that police ripped out two parts of a wall to probably remove the bullet; below the holes were pools of blood.

The Puppycide Database Project notes that "officers left deep pools of blood behind where the dog was shot."

Police removed the dog from the home.

Reedy claimed that the police originally came to his home on Nov. 19, but didn't have a warrant.

The Delaware State Police wrote on their Facebook page on Nov. 24 that they are investigating an alleged "violent physical domestic assault" by Reedy on his girlfriend.

Reedy was "charged by the Dover Police Department for Strangulation and Terroristic Threatening" on Nov. 12, the state police added.

The "Smyrna Police Department received a Family Court Writ of Injunction" on Nov. 19 stemming from the alleged assault which called for Reedy "to turn over his weapons and which he failed to do," but law enforcement was "unable to serve the Family Court Order," the Facebook post adds.

The state police stated that their "Special Operations Response Team executed a search warrant and attempted to serve the Family Court Writ of Injunction at the suspect’s residence. Upon entry into the residence a dog was encountered and less than lethal force was used in attempt to subdue the animal, but was unsuccessful. The animal became aggressive and lethal force was used as a necessary measure for the safety of the officers."

The search warrant "was in regards to a pending homicide investigation," the state police noted.

Reedy reportedly turned himself into authorities on Nov. 23 for failing to appear at a hearing for the earlier criminal charges, and was released on a $3000 bond, which seems highly unusual for a possible homicide suspect.

Sources:, FacebookPuppycide Database Project / Photo Credit: Mark Reedy Screenshot

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