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Delaware Museum To Continue Flying Confederate Flag

The Confederate battle flag flying over a Delaware museum will remain flying, said the group who fought to place it there.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans in Delaware, also known as the Delaware Grays, had the flag put up over the Marvel Carriage Museum in May 2007, where it has flown since. The museum is run by a nonprofit organization and has no affiliation with local or state government.

Jeffrey Plummer, a leader of the Delaware Grays, said that the flag flies to honor veterans of the Civil War.

"The blood of a lot of American ancestors is on that flag," said Plummer. He continued, “We're simply honoring those veterans who fought for the South during the war between the states."

There have been calls to remove the Confederate flag and heated debates throughout the country since Dylann Roof, who recently shot nine people to death in a historically black church in Charleston, South Carolina, posed in pictures holding the Confederate flag. The flag has been removed from various government buildings throughout the South and TV Land even canceled reruns of Dukes Of Hazzard due to the Confederate symbolism.

The president of the New Castle County Council, Chris Bullock, said that he feels the flag should be removed from its staff at the Marvel Carriage Museum and instead placed in an exhibit.

"The [Confederate] flag, in these days and times, does not move us to healing,” Bullock said. “It obviously has moved Mr. Roof to hurting and killing people. That flag should be placed in a museum... The South is moving progressively. Delaware, being a former slave state, should join them."

Plummer said that nobody has approached the Delaware Grays to ask for the removal of the flag from the museum. He believes that not everybody should be held accountable for one person’s actions.

“We simply want to honor those who served,” he said. “We feel very bad for the families who have lost their loved ones in Charleston. Our hearts go out to them."

Sources: Delaware Online, HyperAllergic

Photo Credit: DelMarVa Now


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