4-Year-Old Thinks Heroin Is Candy, Passes It Out At Day Care


Delaware State Police reported that they arrested the mother of a 4-year-old after the child allegedly brought heroin to a daycare center and passed it out to other children on Monday.

Police noted that the girl had accidently taken the bags of heroin to Hickory Tree Child Care Center after her mother, Ashley Tull, switched her daughter’s backpack with a new bag. Tull had given her daughter a new bag since the old one had been ruined by a family pet on Sunday night. When the child discovered the heroin, she assumed it was candy and began passing it out to other children.

Authorities and state troopers responded when workers at the daycare noticed the unknown substance in small bags. When the bags, a total of 249 weighing 3.735 grams, were tested at the Selbyville Police Department, the substance was determined to be heroin.

Several children were taken to the hospital and examined as a precautionary measure. They were later released without injury.

"None of the packets were opened by any of the kids," Master Cpl. Gary E. Fournier added.

Tull, who houses a 9-year-old and 11-year-old in addition to her daughter, was released on $6,000 bail after being charged with maintaining a drug property and three counts of child endangerment. Authorities noted that a no contact order was issued and that all three children are currently in the hands of a relative.

Fournier noted that the daycare center itself handled the situation correctly and will not face consequences.

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Sources: Fox News, USA Today


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