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Deidre Romine Charged With Stealing Less Than $3 In Change From Ohio Fountain

An Ohio woman has pleaded not guilty to petty theft after being charged with a crime for allegedly taking $2.87 in coins from a fountain. Meanwhile, a campaign to help raise money for her has brought in thousands of dollars in donations.

Deidre Romine reportedly took the change from a fountain at the Logan County Courthouse in Bellefontaine, Ohio, on Oct. 7. The unemployed woman claims she grabbed the money because she needed to buy food.

“I'm trying to feed myself and I've got four cats I'm raising and I'm trying to feed them," Romine told WBNS-TV.

An officer apparently saw Romine taking the change and then found the change in her pocket. She was charged with petty theft and given a summons to appear in court.

Romine, who also noted that she is about to lose her apartment, is concerned about prison time.

"I might go to jail," she said.

One local resident has stepped up to try and help Romine out and the response has been strong.

Digital Journal reports that Will Zell began a donation drive to try and help with Romine’s expenses.

As of early Friday morning, the donation drive had collected more than $8,000 in donations. The original goal was just $200.

“You all are amazing individuals! I am very grateful for your support for Deidre,” Zell posted on the donation page.

ABC News reports that the city's safety director says officials hope to resolve the case before the November trial.

Sources: ABC News, WBNS-TV, Digital Journal, GoFundMe


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