Deidra Reed Faces Felony Charge Over $14 Electric Bill Rant


Deidra Reed, of Oklahoma City, is facing a felony charge after she allegedly called in a bomb threat to Oklahoma Gas & Electric.

Apparently, Reed was angry after receiving a bill for $14, but now claims she can't recall what happened.

"I remember flipping out, but I don't really remember what was said," Reed told Oklahoma City's News 9.

Investigators say the call was not recorded. However, the Oklahoma Gas & Electric employee Reed spoke to is ready to testify against her in court.

Reed said: "The detective actually told me he heard [the call in question], so I can't really argue with it if it's me. I don't have a criminal record. I'm struggling to pay $40 a month for rent. How the hell am I [going] to buy some bomb equipment? I don't have know how to make a bomb."

Reed is reportedly still planning to protest the $14 bill, but has apologized to Oklahoma Gas & Electric for her rant.


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