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Students Overturn School Flag Ban (Photo)

Students Overturn School Flag Ban (Photo) Promo Image

Students at a central Minnesota high school successfully overturned a plan by the school's administration to ban the flying of flags from their vehicles.

Rocori High School announced the ban at the beginning of the school year after some students flew Confederate flags from their cars and trucks in the spring, the StarTribune reported.

The ban was outlined in the student handbook.

"Students are not allowed to display flags or banners from their vehicle while parked in the Rocori High School parking lot," the guideline read, according to Fox News.

Rocori administrators explained the decision in a statement.

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"Either all flags can be displayed and flown or none of the flags can be accepted," a statement from the school said. "While the Rocori School District preference would be to have respectful, appropriate and positive displays, the fact that this was not the outcome in the spring resulted in the action to limit the displays."

"The issue is about respect," added Rocori Superintendent Scott Staska.

In response, around 25 students arrived at school Sept. 6 flying American flags from their vehicles. By the end of the school day, student representatives and administrators reached an agreement to withdraw the blanket ban and instead adopt a case by case approach.

Cole Staneart, a student involved in organizing the protest, said he had no problem with the Confederate flag being prohibited.

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"If I see students [flying] a Confederate flag, I'll ask them to take it down," added Staneart. "It's not appropriate."

The school issued a statement on its Facebook page along similar lines.

"Students and school leaders fully agreed that celebration of our nation is desired but disrespect is not acceptable or desired," the statement read, according to Fox News.

Staska pointed out that the protest by students was well-organized, respectful and positive.

"If you could have a protest, you would want one like what the students did today," he added.

At a central Indiana high school, administrators decided to ban students from wearing or displaying the Confederate flag after some students reported being upset by it.

About two dozen students at Lapel High School wore clothing displaying the Confederate flag on Aug. 30. After they repeated this action the following day, administrators stepped in and imposed the ban.

"We sat down and spoke to each student one on one and discussed the situation and what their intentions were," school principal Chad Kemerly told the IndyStar. "They said they were trying to support the Southern heritage of the flag and not people's opinion of what the flag may stand for."

"We talked about the Southern heritage, and that for many people, that flag stands for racism," he added. "We emphasized they need to know what the message [is] they're sending."

Sources:  StarTribune, Fox News, IndyStar / Featured Image: Pixabay / Embedded Images: Provided via StarTribune, konstantin/Wikimedia Commons

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