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Anonymous Spokeperson Barrett Brown Stripped of Defense Fund

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Barrett Brown, media designated spokesperson for hacktivist group Anonymous, had his court defense fund revoked by the Federal Court and was denied bail. Charges against him include hiding evidence during a March 2012 raid of Brown’s apartment, as well as threats against an FBI agent and the release of confidential information from Stratfor to WikiLeaks.

Conveniently, the stripping of Brown’s fund coincides with the passing of CISPA, in what The Guardian called a larger effort to “deter and punish Internet freedom activism.”

The FBI’s detainment of Brown serves rather as more of a warning than the honest capture of a criminal.

Unlike past federal prosecutions of hacktivist Andrew "Weev" Auernheimer and Reuters Social Media Editor Matthew Keys, Brown’s prominence as a serious journalist draws greater attention. His pieces in Vanity Fair,The Huffington Post, and The Guardian make Brown a very public crusader in the battle between internet freedoms and federal resistance like CISPA.

Brown faces up to 100 years in prison.

Sources: The Guardian, RT


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