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Defendant Commits Suicide In Court Following Verdict Announcement (Photos)

A Virginia man committed suicide just minutes after a jury found him guilty of manslaughter in the death of his wife.

Mark Ward Faville, of Christiansville, Virginia, was found guilty of voluntary manslaughter in the death of his wife, Anne, in 2000. Anne was initially thought to have choked on a piece of chicken – a conclusion supported by an autopsy – and her death was originally ruled an accident. Faville’s children testified against him in the trial, which concluded Monday.

Faville's daughter, Holly, said in court that her father had been exhibiting strange behavior before her mother’s death, leading her to believe that they were experiencing marital troubles. According to The Daily Mail, Faville had begun following his wife when she went out to do errands. Furthermore, paperwork found in the couple's home seemed to indicate that Anne was planning on leaving him for her high school sweetheart.

A few weeks after Anne’s death, Faville reportedly wrote a note to Holly that, in part, led the jury to convict the 70-year-old.

“After the toxicology report, they will have all they need,” the letter read. “They will come to get me any minute."

Following the reading of the verdict, Faville was taken away by authorities. Just moments later, witnesses claimed to have heard a commotion coming from the holding room where he was escorted. Faville was pronounced dead on the scene on a self-inflicted wound, though it is not known what kind of weapon he used to end his life.

Sources: Daily MailWSLS / Photo Source: Daily Mail 


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