Deer Crossing Sign Causes Controversy In Iowa (Photo)

A deer crossing sign in Mitchell County, Iowa, is stirring up controversy, with some saying it crosses the line.

“Suicidal Deer Next 2 MI.,” the sign reads.

The controversial sign went up outside of St. Ansgar, near Sally Hertel’s property. 

Hertel says there has always been a sign altering drivers of deer in the area, but she was surprised when she saw the new sign.

“I think it is a little insensitive,” she told KIMT.

“Suicide? That makes it look like a joke, and myself, I have never had anybody close to me decide to take their own life, but I’ve had a lot of friends and other people who have and I know it is a sensitive subject,” she said.

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The sign was approved by the Mitchell County Board of Supervisors, according to Fox 2. Supervisor Stan Walk says that the sign was not intended to be offensive.

“We saw a sign like this one in Illinois and thought it would be an effective way to warn people of deer,” Walk told KIMT. “We did not intend for it to be hurtful, but we will stand by the idea that it is an effective warning method.”

Hertel says that she believes there are better ways to effectively warn drivers of deer.

Walk says that the county recently purchased more signs but he does not know when they will be put into place.

Sources: KIMTFox 2 / Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

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