Deer Trail, Colorado To Vote On Creating Drone-Hunting Licenses


In what was either a smart marketing ploy to get people excited about the Cyber Monday deals offered by the online company or a demonstration of potentially revolutionary technology, Amazon’s Prime Air video had a lot of people talking over the weekend. 

The residents of Deer Trail, Colorado are not quite excited about the prospect of packages whizzing over their heads on a daily basis. One resident of the town, Philip Steel, explained that a drone in his vicinity would be nothing more than a target for him.

“I would shoot it down, ordinance or no, I would shoot it down. I will shoot it down and go to jail with a smile on my face,” Steel told the National Journal. 

The ordinance to which Steel is referring is his own new law that would allow Deer Trail residents to purchase “$25 drone-hunting licenses,” the Daily Caller reports.

The text of the proposed ordinance is filled with libertarian paranoia about drone technology, but is written in a distinguished-enough legal text that it appears the residents of Deer Trail are taking it seriously. 

“There shall henceforth exist a legal obligation of all citizens to defend their homes and community from incursions by unmanned aerial vehicles; and Whereas, many Western communities in rural America provide monetary incentives (bounties) for the killing of predators that are injurious to Man and his interests, the Town of Deer Trail likewise establishes hunting licenses and bounties for the killing of unmanned aerial vehicles, in keeping with the Western traditions of sovereignty and freedom,” the ordinance reads.

While the ordinance is extremely reactionary, at least some individuals are questioning the potentially drastic impact a service like Amazon Prime Air could have on society. As of the last census, Deer Trail, Colorado has a population of 561 individuals.


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