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Deer That Was Killed By Car Gives Birth

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A deer that was hit by a car in West Virginia gave birth despite being killed by the impact at 7 p.m. on July 25.

When West Virginia law enforcement officials arrived at the scene of the accident, they discovered the deer involved had given birth to a fawn, according to WSAZ.

State troopers reportedly do not know how exactly the baby deer survived the collision in Mercer County on Interstate 77.

Cpl. B.J. Garretson told the Bluefield Daily Telegraph that the West Virginia Courtesy Patrol in the area saved the newborn when they first arrived on scene. One of the members of the team cleaned the animal up before wrapping her in rags.

Courtesy Patrol is a nonprofit group that works to ensure safety on highways and provide a pleasant experience to all motorists traveling through West Virginia, according to WVCCC.

Members of the Courtesy Patrol took the fawn to a facility where it will be cared forl until it is old enough to be released.

According to officials, if a fawn is unattended, its mother is most likely foraging for food. People are advised not to touch the animals as there is a chance their mother may reject them when they return. If the fawn is unattended for 24 hours, notify conservation services.

Source: Inquisitr, WSAZ, WVCCC

Photo credit: Supplied via WSAZ


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