Deer Goes for Swim in Man's Pool (Video)


Eric Munn found a deer swimming around in his pool in the backyard of his Encino, Calif. home last Saturday.

"As I tried to corral it, he then went over my fence and into Eric's backyard," Munn's neighbor Don Rubin told KABC (video below).

The deer jumped into Munn's pool, which was sealed over by a plastic cover.

"The antlers had punctured the plastic pool cover and it was in a lot of distress," Munn recalled. "It was trying to fight the plastic pool cover and it was kind of drowning."

Munn, Rubin and a third neighbor removed the pool cover to free the animal, who swam around and then pulled itself out of the pool.

However, the deer hung around Munn's yard for another hour before leaving.

The animal was eventually tranquilized by fish and wildlife officials who released it back into the wild, noted The Daily Dot.

"He was a really beautiful animal and he was scared. It was good to be able to help him," added Munn.

Sources: KABC, The Daily Dot


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