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Deer Fakes Being Dead, Scares Hunter, Runs Away (Video)

A hunter, who uses the handle "Nick Faber" on YouTube, recently posted a video entitled "Deer Fakes Dead" that has gone viral.

In the video (below), Faber excitedly walks toward what he thinks is a dead deer that he bravely shot, notes

"I got one," Faber states, "It's a buck."

As Faber comes upon the deer, while recording with his cell phone, he sees the animal blink its eye.

"Holy s---, it's eye is open," says Faber.

Suddenly, the deer jumps up and runs away, while Faber screams in terror, "Holy s---!"

Since being posted on YouTube on Nov. 11, the video has over half a million views.

In 2006, hunter Randy Goodman thought he killed a deer, which also played dead and then attacked him with its antlers, noted

Goodman finally did kill that deer, but had to drive himself to the hospital to get seven staples placed in his head.

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