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Dee Ann Sanders Turned Into Police by Son for Bank Robbery

There have been past reports about parents recognizing their children from newscasts about criminal acts and turning them into the police, but this time a son turned his mom in for bank robbery.

Dee Ann Sanders' unidentified son turned her into police after seeing surveillance photos of a bank robbery in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

According to, Sanders allegedly handed a robbery note to a Bank of America teller on June 18. The note demanded $2,500 for Sanders' children and grandchildren, but the robbery only yielded $1,092.

Soon after the photos were released to the media, Sanders' son and several other people identified Sanders as the bank robber.

He called police and told them that the bank robber was his mom and she was at his home in Kent County's Byron Township, Michigan.

FBI special agent Adam Van Deuren claims that Sanders confessed to the crime.

“Sanders further stated that she was stressed about problems with her husband, causing her to have crack-cocaine addiction-related urges,” Van Deuren wrote in his crime report.

Sanders was charged on Tuesday with robbery. She will be arraigned on Thursday in Grand Rapids, Michigan.



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