DeDe Spicher Speaks Out: Worried for Terri Horman's Life


The so-called "mystery woman" in the Kyron Horman case is speaking out. DeDe Spicher, who is a close friend of Kyron's stepmother Terri Horman, said she feared for Terri's life in the weeks following the 7-year-old's disappearance.

"We were very worried for her life. There were death threats against her. And again, whoever has taken Kyron is still out there and could be after her, too," Spicher told PEOPLE magazine in an exclusive interview.

Terri stayed with Spicher for 11 days after Terri's husband Kaine left her. "I dropped everything I was doing, and I went to see what my friend needed. And that's when I learned she had been served with the divorce papers, there was a restraining order and a story about a murder-for-hire or something. So, it was clear that she was very distraught."

PEOPLE writes:

Spicher describes being in "crisis mode" with Terri during that time at her home outside Portland, Ore. They tried to avoid the media circus during the day – with no cable TV, they looked at articles online, but learned to avoid the reader comments – and guarded against any potential intruders at night.

Horman slept upstairs, while Spicher stayed downstairs, closest to the door. "I was trying to find a way to protect us if someone should come in, and the only thing I could think of was my fire extinguisher in my car," she says. "So, I slept with my fire extinguisher next to the bed."

Terri appears to be the focus of the police investigation, but thus far has not been named as a suspect. Spicher is also of interest -- she was the first person to testify before a grand jury that is investigating the case.

Both Terri and Spicher are featured in a new flyer and questionnaire, as desperate police search for clues that could lead to the boy. Spicher insists they have nothing to hide.

Spicher said in addition to worrying about Kyron, Terri is concerned about her 20-month-old daughter Kiara, who is with her estranged husband.

"She would go through some of [Kyron's] old drawings, some pictures, and she would go through photos and albums of him and Kiara," Spicher said. "She was very sad and worried about both of them. I can't even begin to understand what that must've felt like."


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