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Decorated Vet C.J. Grisham Arrested for 'Rudely Displaying' AR-15

Army Master Sgt. C.J. Grisham has released a video documenting his "unlawful" arrest for "rudely displaying" a firearm.

Grisham was on a long hike with his son in Texas in order to help him earn a Boy Scout merit badge. Grisham decided to take along an AR-15 rifle and a .45 caliber pistol for protection against wild animals (and also perhaps a rebel army).

The Bronze Star-decorated veteran is known for being a "huge Constitutionalist," according to his military blog, but it was his unyielding faith in the second amendment that got him in trouble back in March during his hike.

According to the veteran’s blog, Grisham was carrying the rifle across his body when he and his son came across two police officers. The officers stopped Grisham and asked him why he was carrying the rifle, to which Grisham responded: “Does it matter, officer? Am I breaking the law?”

No, Grisham wasn’t, but smarting back to police officers isn’t exactly a good way to avoid trouble.

After that, Grisham wrote that the officers attempted to take the rifle, but Grisham resisted and was then cuffed and arrested.

The video shows Grisham asking why he was being arrested, and the officers responding that a weapon of that magnitude is enough to scare people these days and that they weren’t inclined to treat Grisham nicely because of the imminent threat.

Grisham had a video recorder on him and handed it to his audibly upset son, who recorded the rest of the incident.

A month later, Grisham is still upset and “100 percent confused” about his arrest.

The charges against him were downgraded to resisting arrest and interfering with a peace officer while performing a duty.

“For me, it’s a difficult turning point,” Grisham said.  “I wonder what it is that I’m fighting for.  If our basic rights are being violated this way — what is my purpose?”

Sources: The Blaze, WND


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