Dead Body Found In Recently Purchased Home


Upon entering a recently purchased residence, a California homeowner found a horrifying surprise that has turned into a murder case.

On June 22, a person who wishes to remain anonymous purchased a house for $430,000 in Simi Valley, California, according to the Los Angeles Times. However, when the new homeowner walked through the residence on the afternoon of July 17, a dead body was discovered lying in a bed, covered. The deceased man was 84-year-old Salvatore Orefice, one of the previous owners of the residence.

The homeowner contacted police, a call which led to a homicide investigation and the eventual arrest of 75-year-old Mary Karacas, the girlfriend of the victim, according to Simi Valley Police Commander Roy Jones.

After talking to the homeowner, detectives called Karacas and asked her to come to the house. She told investigators that she had been arguing with Orefice and shot him during the fight. The 75-year-old has been arrested on suspicion of murder.

Karacas and Orefice reportedly had 30 days to move out of the residence after selling it on June 22. It is currently unknown how long Orefice had been dead before his body was discovered July 17.

In recent weeks, several discoveries of dead bodies have made national news due to the prevalence of the popular app, Pokemon Go.

In San Diego, California, three women using the app discovered a dead body in the bushes near a creek bed in a local park on July 14. Although police believe the man died of natural causes, his death will be investigated, according to Officer Travis Easter, spokesman for the San Diego Police Department.

In New Hampshire, another person playing the popular game found a body in Salmon Brook near Rotary Common Park, as reported by WMUR.

"It’s my understanding that the person who found the victim was playing the Pokemon game," said Lieutenant Robert Giggi of the Nashua Police Department. "Apparently, he was looking in kind of obscure places for something that has to do with this game, which is what brought [him] to that area."

The first known cadaver discovery while playing Pokemon Go occurred in Wyoming, when a woman found a man’s body while catching a Pokemon near a river bank

Sources: Los Angeles Times, (2), WMUR / Photo credit: KTLA via Uproxx

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