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Argentine Teacher Who Faced Disciplinary Actions After Being Secretly Taped By Underage Student Is Part Of Online Hoax

A high school teacher in Argentina who was secretly filmed having sex with her 16-year-old student has been the victim of an Internet hoax.

The viral video which the alleged teen initially shared with friends via WhatsApp Messenger shows the boy wearing a soccer shirt, smiling enthusiastically and giving the camera a thumbs up before flipping it around to reveal he is having sex with the teacher, 26-year-old Lucita Sandoval, Metro reports.

Sandoval, of Santiago del Estero, in north-central Argentina, was apparently unaware the unidentified student was filming her until after fornicating with the boy, who promised to delete the video. Instead, he kept the clip, and sent it around the app. It quickly went viral across the country.

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(via Daily Mail)

She previously faced disciplinary actions over her inappropriate relationship with a student. According to the Daily Mail, however, it turns out the teacher in the video isn’t Sandoval, but a different woman from the city of Corrientes.

Local newspaper Nuevo Diario has debunked the story, tracking down the “boy” featured in the video, who is actually a university student in his 20s.

The 23-minute clip was posted on a pornography site, like XVideos, in September, but it has since been taken down.

It is still unclear where the false story emerged from, and how the “teacher” became part of the online hoax.

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