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Death Row Scum: I'm "Gentleman of Leisure" in Prison

A convicted murderer on death row in North Carolina has written a letter to a local newspaper, mocking the legal system and bragging about his easy life behind bars.

Danny Hembree was sentenced to death last November for the 2009 murder of a 17-year-old girl. He is also accused of killing two other women.

Hembree wrote a letter to the Gaston Gazette saying that while he waits to die, he's got a pretty cushy life.

Is the public aware that I am a gentleman of leisure, watching color TV in the a/c, reading, taking naps at will, eating three well-balanced meals a day?

The 50-year-old Hembree mocked a criminal justice system that he knows will delay his execution by decades.

I laugh at you self righteous clowns and I spit in the face of your so called justice system. The state of North Carolina has sentenced me to death but it's not real...

Is the public aware that the chances of my lawful murder taking place in the next 20 years if ever are very slim?...

I am a man who is ready to except (sic) his unjust punishment and face God almighty with a clear conscience unlike you cowards and your cowardly system. Kill me if you can, suckers. Ha! Ha! Ha!

Needless to say, Hembree's letter is causing outrage in North Carolina. State Representative Paul Stam called it a travesty of justice, telling WTVD-TV that Hembree will likely die of natural causes before he can be executed.

"His punishment does not fit his crime at all," Stam said.


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