Death Row Inmate Sues Over Lack Of Weekend Lunch


Timothy Dunlap, sentenced to death in Idaho in 1992 for killing Tonya Crane during a bank robbery, is suing the kitchen supervisor at the maximum security prison in which he is incarcerated for not serving lunch to inmates on weekends.

Dunlap—who has also been sentenced to death in Ohio for killing his girlfriend a few weeks before killing Crane—filed the lawsuit in a federal court last week, arguing that he has lost weight and suffered a heart attack because of the change in weekend lunches implemented in 2011.  

“I keep losing weight and suffered a heart attack due to low sodium,” Dunlap wrote in his suit. “I do know that it is cruel and unusual for the kitchen not serving lunch on the weekends.”

The Idaho prison serves inmates three meals per day except on weekends, when they are given larger breakfasts and dinners with piece of fruit at lunch time. Idaho state officials stated that the inmates’ meals meet expected caloric requirements, and that prisoners with health concerns may request medically ordered sack lunches if need be.

This is not the first time Dunlap has sued over the weekend menu. The first lawsuit was dismissed when the court system found that Dunlap had not exhausted the administrative systems available to inmates via the prison grievance system. The state has not yet responded to his current suit.



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