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Death Row Inmate Found Dead In Cell (Photo)

On March 22, a death row inmate in McAlester, Oklahoma, was found unresponsive during a morning unit check.

Tulsa World reported that 37-year-old inmate Jared Jones had received life-saving procedures in his cell at the state penitentiary, but the resuscitation was not successful. At 10:04 a.m., Jones was pronounced dead, according to State Department of Corrections spokesman Alex Gerszewski.

The official cause of death has not yet been reported, but will be determined by a medical examiner, KFOR reported.

Jones was convicted and sent to death row in Oklahoma County in 2009 for three counts of first-degree murder and two counts of shooting with intent to kill.

The sentencing came after a shooting rampage that took place in 2003.

According to case records, Jones was convicted and found guilty for shooting Joel Platt, Brian Galindo, Pam Karr, Tara Platt and Tara Johns. Only Tara and Johns survived the shootings.

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Reports say that Jones, 24 years old at the time, had a turbulent relationship with Carla Phillips.

Phillips was at the Platt residence -- where the crime took place -- along with a number of friends and their children. They were reportedly all drinking alcohol and smoking marijuanna while Jones was at a car show.

After several phone conversations between the couple, some of which were said to be aggressive, Jones showed up at the Platts' with two .45 caliber guns.

Jones was insistent on speaking with Phillips, who was in a back room that to reach required going through a child's bedroom.

With a gun out, Joel managed to get Phillips out of the room. She spoke to Jones briefly, then left the home.

After her exit, Galindo reportedly put his hands over his head and said, "We've got children in the house, we don't need this, put the gun away."

Jones then shot Galindo four times in the chest. When Karr rushed to Galindo's side she, too, was shot dead.

Once the shooting stopped, three were dead, and two others injured. Johns had managed to call 911 before her death, and a dispatcher heard the shooting and also heard Jones leave the residence.

The defendant claimed self-defense, and stated that the residents were all on crack. He was ultimately found guilty and given a death sentence, which began at the end of his trial, in January of 2009.

With less than 10 years in prison, Jones' death is being investigated by The Oklahoma Department of Corrections Office of the Inspector General, KFOR reports.

Sources: Tulsa World, FindLaw, KFOR / Photo credit: PixabayAP via KOCO News

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