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A dog already sentenced to death for brutally attacking a 6-year-old neighbor in Mansfield, Mass., was being held at the home of his owners pending an appeal. Unsurprisingly, he decided to attack a 16-year-old girl who was living in the home.

The victim was rushed to Hasbro Children's Hospital. She suffered bites to her face and ankle, which do not appear to be life-threatening, according to Wicked Local Mansfield.

Dawn Herbert-Miller, mother of Christian, the boy who was originally mauled, said that this is what they had sought to avoid in filing a complaint to have the 48-pound Pointer-mix, Milo, declared dangerous and euthanized.

Last Wednesday, the board of Mansfield selectman voted to euthanize the dog after he attacked six-year-old Christian. The dog had inflicted such severe wounds to the child’s face, ear, head and leg that more than 400 stitches were required.

Testimony by an Animal Control Officer was that the dog would probably bite again and it would be as bad, if not worse. The chairman stated that euthanizing the dog was a very painful, but necessary, decision.

Milo was allowed to stay with his owner for 10 days following the board's decision and that the family could appeal during that time. It was during this period that the second attack occurred.

Michael Bailey stated earlier that Milo was a neutered dog, adopted from a shelter in September 2011. Thus, the dog’s history and actual breed identification was unknown.

City officials had been receiving e-mails and Facebook postings that were filled with misinformation and allegations and ranged from pleas for Milo’s life to “outright profanity-laced hate mails”, said Selectman Chairman Olivier Kozlowski. “This experience shows there are people out there that seem to value an animal life more than a human life,” he told reporters.

After the attack on Saturday, the family relinquished Milo to Mansfield Animal Control, and the dog was reportedly euthanized on Monday afternoon.

A Massachusetts commenter, Charlotte, wrote a very insightful message regarding this and other recent tragic dog attacks.

“With 14,000 dogs transported into Massachusetts last year, it is time to recognize that "saving" shelter dogs borders on an industry. Dogs are shipped up here on large transports mostly from the South but have come from places as far away as Guam. Are these wonderful dogs? No. Some are semi-feral puppies, some are sick. Some of them are fine. Massachusetts has no dog "overpopulation problems" or they could not support this massive dog importation. Shelters need to do a much better job of screening dogs that are offered to the public, especially to families with children. If this was a pet shop dog, everyone would be screaming. Temperament of a dog must come first."

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