Death-Row Convict Escapes Jail Cell, Convinces Suspected Murderess To Have Sex

A death-row convict escaped his jail cell at Georgia's Fulton County Jail and convinced a female murder suspect to have sex with him last month.

Norris Speed escaped his cell and meant to make a phone call when he passed Jasmine Jones, an old aquaintance, in the hallway. Jones had been released to take a shower, but cozied up with Speed when the two met in passing.

"Inmate Jones then stated that she was tempted and let the lust get the best of her so she willingly entered inmate Speed's cell although she was extremely nervous," Sheriff's Deputy Michael Watts wrote in a report.

The two were eventually found in Speed's cell.

The tryst highlights a serious problem in local county jails, which spent $5 million this year in lock replacements alone. Guards are at risk of harm in the over-crowded jail, where prisoners often break locks with toiler paper or soap.

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Sources: NJ News Day, DailyMail


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