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'You're Gonna Make Dirty Babies': Nebraska Police Search For Man Targeting Interracial Couples

A Nebraska couple says they fear for their safety after receiving a series of letters all beginning with, “Dear Uneducated White Woman."

Curtis Jackson and his girlfriend, Tasha, were forced to move from their West Omaha Apartment complex after they were continually targeted by the racially-charged letters that began appearing last month ago, according to WOWT News.

“I’m used to seeing this type of backlash,” Jackson told WOWT, “but the letters weren’t to me. They were to her.”

The first incident occurred in June, when Jackson found four fliers stuck to their car in the middle of the night, according to KMTV. The fliers each included racist and derogatory words and issued warnings to his girlfriend, stating that dating a black man is a sin, WOWT reported.

According to Jackson, each letter began the same way.

“They all started, ‘Dear Uneducated White Woman.’ That’s how they all started," Jackson said.

The couple continued to receive similar letters, with the next incident occurring just one week later. Jackson was able to spot the suspect at his car before he fled, leaving just one note behind this time. 

“You’re dumb for dating a black guy, and you’re gonna [sic] make dirty babies,” the note read. 

The couple filed a police report with Omaha Police. Reports say about 10 other letters, similar to those Jackson and his girlfriend had been receiving, were also reported in the area. 

Although they have moved, Jackson said he still fears for his girlfriend’s safety. 

“It made me feel more uneasy and scared for her safety and her well-being to know that whoever did this is targeting her,” Jackson told KMTV. 

“We don’t know when he’s coming, we don’t know where he’s at, we don’t know where he’s coming from,” he added.

Police may be close to identifying the man who is responsible for the attacks after surveillance photos could have possibly captured the suspect, WOWT reported. Omaha Police are asking for the public’s help to find the man, urging anyone with information to call 402-444-STOP.

Officials told Jackson that, depending the suspect could possibly face time behind bars, depending on what he is charged with. The suspect could receive anywhere from 5 to 20 years in prison for terrorizing interracial couples across the metro, according to WOWT.  

Source: WOWT, KMTV

Photo credit: WOWT


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