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Deanna Stires, Teen Missing Since New Year’s Day, Found Dead

Authorities have been searching for Deanna Stires since New Year’s Day. On Friday, after 18 days of hoping and praying that the Florida teen would be found alive, friends and family were informed that a hunter had discovered her remains in the woods east of Otter Creek.

Up until her body was found, no one had any indication where she was or what may have happened to her. Despite the fact that she had something of a lengthy record for an 18-year-old girl, authorities had no reason to believe that she was involved in anything that would have led to her disappearance.

According to The Daily Mail, Stires was arrested and charged with grand theft two years ago. Then, back in Oct. 2011, she was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of a controlled substance.

That being said, it is important to note again that there is no information available indicating that Stires’ death is the end result of anything nefarious or any sort of criminal involvement.

Authorities are said to be working hard in an effort to determine what happened.   

(Kudos ABC, The Daily Mail)


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