Dean Holmes Shoots Wife and Daughter, Goes to McDonalds for a Meal

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A man deeply indebt for his house painting business shot his wife and 11-year-old daughter. The man eventually turned himself in early the next morning, but only after he made a trip to McDonalds with his daughter's dead body in the car. 

According to Komo 4 News, Dean Holmes, 40, had been hiding his financial troubles from his wife Kristi. The Spanaway, Washington resident repeatedly lied to her about their monetary situation, giving her false hope that they would buy a new house soon. 

The financial troubles and lies turned out to be too much for Holmes, as he shot his wife dead on Tuesday night while she was sleeping. 

After shooting his wife, he woke his 11-year-old daughter Violet and her friend. He took the friend home, then shot his daughter in the car. 

"The suspect then drove to a fast food restaurant in Spanaway, purchased a meal for himself, then went home and placed his daughter's body in bed with his wife's body," the Pierce County sheriff's office said. 

His daughter's body was in the car while he stopped to get his McDonalds meal. 

Having a belly-full of fast food, Holmes had the energy to scrub all of the blood from his house and car. He may have been attempting to hide the evidence, but Holmes eventually realized he would be unable to walk away from the crime, so he turned himself in around 4:45 in the morning. 

Holmes and his wife had a second child, but the child was not home during the incident. 

Holmes had $18,240 in unpaid taxes and was being sued by a homeowner who says he had not finished his work. The homeowner told officers that Holmes and Kristi were having marriage problems. 

Police say it's likely that these financial difficulties and marriage problems overwhelmed Holmes and caused him to commit the murders. 

Deputies found Kristi and Violet in the master bedroom minutes after Holmes had confessed to the murders. 

"They did see through the window what appeared to be a person in the bed. The person was non-responsive," Sheriff's Captain Ed Smith said. "They went ahead and forced entry into the home, and found two deceased persons in the master bedroom bed." 

A client of Holmes', Connie Miller, feels regretful for asking for a refund on a project she had paid him for but was never completed. 

"He just kept coming up with excuses," Miller said. "I had no idea they had these kinds of problems. I never would have even called them. I just would have let the money ride." 

Neighbors were notably upset about the incident, as many considered them friends. 

Walter Diaz, a neighbor of Holmes', said, "Everybody went to their barbecues, everybody hung out. They walked the neighborhood in the afternoons and the mornings, too." 

One neighbor noted that Holmes had seemed more distant on Tuesday. "He usually says, 'Hi, how's it going?" but nothing," Kim Sedergren said. "He looked at me with this blank stare and just shut the sliding glass door." 

Police are investigating Holmes for two counts of first-degree murder. Police say that Holmes is cooperating with the investigation. 


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