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A Deaf Man From Minnesota Rescues Doe From Icy River (Video)


A video (below) has been uploaded showing a deaf man in Minnesota who jeopardized his own life to save a deer he saw writhing in an icy river.

The anonymous man hiked through woods and crept over ice to rescue the deer, which he affectionately named Miss Ice River.

The video, which was posted on video-sharing site Vimeo, shows the man petting the doe after he saved the animal at Kettle River in Minnesota as he cautiously tries to eliminate icicles from its pelt, Daily Mail reports.

He describes in sign language that he was driving along when he witnessed the doe struggling to survive, according to Inside Edition.

“I felt obligated to help her so I pulled over,” he said. Adding, “I used a rope to pull her out. I'm so glad she is safe.”

The man also said he wanted to find the animal's mother before sending her off. The video ends with the man doing a “thumbs up” sign as he points to the now ice-free doe on the bank.

“I'm so happy she survived,” the man says.

The video was posted online by a family acquaintance.

This isn’t the first time a frozen deer has been rescued from icy waters in Minnesota.

In November 2013, a YouTube video was uploaded showing a man saving a limp deer that had fallen through the ice on a lake. The hunter pulled it into his canoe and brought it to shore, where he released it.

Sources: Daily Mail, Inside Edition via YouTube, YouTube / Photo credit: Viral Hog via Daily Mail

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