Formerly Abused Dog Wags Tail In His Sleep After Arriving At His New Home (Video)


Frank, a deaf and previously abused dachshund from Brazil, is the feature of a new viral video, which shows him in a new home happily wagging his tail in his sleep.

Frank's new owner, Rafael Borges, said his pet was first found at five months old and weighed under 7 pounds. He had been "unbearably smelly", never vaccinated and afraid of shadows.

Frank's previous owner had kept him in a small outside area and fed him only adult dog food. Borges has suspected that an untreated infection in Frank's ears is the reason he's now deaf.

"His only friend was a torn blanket," Borges said of the once unfortunate pup.

Now, with some love and care, Frank lives a fuller and happier life. In fact, he's so happy that he even wags his tail in his sleep.

Although the video was posted almost a year ago, it surfaced on Reddit recently and went viral. Many have praised Borges for taking in Frank, and have commented on how "adorable" the dog is.

To date, the video has accumulated nearly 350,000 views. 

Sources: The Huffington Post, Daily Mail


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