Deaf Dog Stays In Pound For Two Years Because He's 'Too Ugly To Love'


A dog with a rare condition that causes him to have two different colored eyes has reportedly been in the pound for two years and has yet to be adopted because he’s “too ugly to love.”

Buddy is deaf and has heterochromia, which causes his eyes to be different colors but does not affect his vision, and because of his appearance, nobody has adopted him in two years.

“If someone got to know him like the staff here do they would have an absolutely lovely, loyal dog,” Susan Tonner, manager of Dogs Trust, said. “He is good in cars, he travels really well. We've had him in a house so we know he's house-trained. He is very, very friendly, it just needs somebody to build up some time and trust with him.”

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Reports say that many people have come in over the years, met Buddy, and have been really close to taking him home, but at the last minute, they usually change their minds.

“We would be looking for a home that would understand deaf dogs or be patient with him,” Tonner said. “If there is something coming towards him that he's not expecting he can be jumpy, so we are looking for someone who understands that and will be calm and reassuring.”

Comedian Paul O’Grady recently heard about Buddy’s struggle to find an owner and made a plea on television to viewers across the U.K.

“He will make somebody a lovely pet, he really will,” O’Grady said. “I wish him all the best.”

Actress Mila Kunis reportedly has the same heterochromia diagnosis as Buddy, the deaf dog.

*** For more information about Buddy, call 01506 873459 or log on to

Sources:The Daily Mirror, The Telegraph / Photo Source: The Daily Mirror, The Telegraph


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