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Deadly Car Crash in Ohio Kills 6, Injures 2 Teens

Driving a vehicle they did not have permission to use, eight teenagers in Warren, Oh., crammed into an SUV that only seated five. Speeding down a two-lane highway, the Honda Passport veered over the left side of the road, hit a guardrail, and then flipped over into a pond.

The crash took place around 7 a.m. and did not involve any other vehicles. Two injured teens, Brian Henry, 18, and Asher Lewis, 15, were able to escape the wreck and travelled a quarter of a mile to a nearby home to call 911. They were later transported to the hospital and have since been released.

19-year-old Alexis Cayson, 14-year-old Andrique Bennett, 17-year-old Brandon Murray, and 15-year-olds Kirklan Behner, Daylan Ray, and Ramone White were killed in the crash. Cayson was reportedly the only female in the car.

Investigators are unsure just how fast the SUV was going, but it was travelling faster than the posted speed limit of 35-mph, said Ohio State Highway Patrol Lt. Brian Holt. Some of the passengers were wearing seatbelts, but they did not indicate how many.

It is unclear where the group was coming from or going to that morning. Holt said, “none of the occupants of the vehicle had expressed permission to be in possession of the vehicle.”

The SUV was reported stolen by its owner who lives in nearby Youngstown. The owner was not related to any of the teens. 

Police await the results of toxicology reports, but Holt says there was no evidence of alcohol or drugs in the vehicle.

Source: US News


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