Dead Whale Literally Explodes (Video)


This is not the type of story you want to read before eating your Thanksgiving dinner.

A dead whale recently washed ashore in Denmark’s Faroe Islands, where an unidentifed worker was tasked with the job of cutting open the creature's stomach, reports

The incident was recorded for a local television program (graphic video below), but has gone viral on the web with over 2 million views in two days.

According to the YouTube page description: "The whale died from natural causes, as it entered too shallow waters and was not able to escape. It was left for two days in the water, so the intestines had started to ferment and rot."

Once the whale is cut open, all of its innards come rushing out.

Earlier this year, biologist Adam Ruben explained this type of bizarre occurrence about another "exploding" whale on the Science Channel's “Outrageous Acts Of Science," noted The Huffington Post.

“This whale, before it died, ate a lot of things, it ate a lot of other creatures and those creatures started to putrefy in its stomach and released a lot of gases when they did," said Ruben. "And so this whale has a tremendous build up of gas.”

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