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Dead Man's Catwalk In Hawaii Is Stunningly Beautiful, But You Shouldn't Go There (Photos)


Once you see this beautiful Hawaii hike, you'll want to go there. But first you need to understand that it's illegal to be there.

The Dead Man's Catwalk, as it's known, is a stunning hike that was called the Kamehame Ridge until 2012 when a "random vandal" spray-painted the phrase on the runway at the hike's end. As it turns out, the hike is technically on private property, meaning that it's illegal to be there. More importantly, though, it's considered to be extremely dangerous. 

People have been known to hang off the edge of the catwalk and even do handstands, and Hawaiian Trail & Mountain Club hike coordinator Darrel Teruya — whose organization is one of two that are allowed to use the trail — said he knows of at least one person who was killed on the hike. "It's actually very dangerous," Teruya said. 

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Another reason the trail is illegal is because it's surrounded by Federal Aviation Administration and civil defense radio towers. The area is under video surveillance and law enforcement regularly check the area.

Luckily, the Dead Man's Catwalk is just as stunning in pictures as it likely is in person. 

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Source: The Huffington Post

Photo Credit: via The Huffington Post


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