'It's Sickening': Family Finds Dead Horse Tied To Pole Outside Of Their Home


A Florida family discovered a dead horse shot and tied to a pole outside of their home recently, WKMG reported. Authorities are now searching for the person who committed the act.

The animal’s corpse was discovered on the side of a driveway close to a 4-year-old girl's swing set.

“That’s what upset them the most,” neighbor Rhona Smith told WKMG. “They left early this morning to take her out for breakfast — grandma, grandpa, and baby breakfast — and she was the one who said, ‘What’s that?’ I think it’s sickening. The police believe it was killed in another location and just dropped here.”

Jim Litteral, the man who discovered the horse’s body on his property, told WKMG that the rope attached to the horse was most likely used to pull it off of a truck. He also surmises that it was shot three times after it gave birth.

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Though shooting a dying horse is not a crime, dumping the body of a dead animal is one.

"There's something else than a dumping violation,” said Schmidt. “There's more issues there.”

Surveillance footage of the scene shows a truck turning around in Litteral's driveway. Authorities intend to use the footage to investigate the crime. 

Source: TheHorse.com, WKMG

​Photo Credit: WKMG


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