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Dead Dog Found Rolled Up In Carpet On Side Of California Road


The body of a dog was found rolled up in a carpet and left on the side of a road in Northern California.

Deputies from the Yolo County Sheriff's Office Animal Services department found the body after receiving a call from a local man who first discovered it on the side of a Woodland, California, road on Jan. 8, according to KCRA.

The dog, which has been described as an older male pit bull with a gray and white coat and cropped ears, was rolled up inside a carpet. A plastic bag was taped over its head and its front and back legs were also taped together. 

A forensic pathologist who examined the body reported that the dog seemed to have died recently and that there were signs of a struggle.

Yolo County officers called the discovery disturbing, and urged pet owners to take unwanted pets to a shelter.

"If this was something you could not take care of, and didn't know what to do with it, and this was your own dog, you can contact your local animal shelter, and we would have helped you with a humane euthanasia," said Vicky Fletcher, a deputy with Animal Services.

"You didn't need to do something like this," she added.

Police are still currently investigating the incident and don't yet have any suspects.

According to data reported by the Humane Society of the United States, about 64.5 percent of animal cruelty cases reported to the media in 2007 involved dogs, and of these, 25 percent involved pit bulls.  

Sources: KCRA, Humane Society of the United States / Photo credit: Yolo County Sheriff's Office Animal Services via KCRA

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